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About Rogue Informant

Rogue Informant is a cross-platform utility for monitoring multiple log files simultaneously. It is aimed at developers, system administrators, QA testers, and anyone who needs to keep a close eye on continuously-updated log files. It has been used to monitor desktop and web applications during development and testing, to monitor web and database server logs, and to monitor Windows, Mac and Linux system logs. Rogue Informant is written and maintained by .

Rogue Informant features:

  • Tabbed interface allowing you to monitor multiple logs at once.
  • Open tabs into floating log windows to monitor while testing.
  • Regular expression filtering of log files in real-time.
  • Search log files.
  • Remembers recently-used log files and filter expressions.
  • Bookmark frequently-used files.
  • Tiny -- around 1.5MB!
  • Self-contained -- copy to a thumb drive and take it anywhere, no installation necessary.

Requirements: Java 1.6.0 or newer (available free from Oracle)

Download Latest Version

The current (stable) release of Rogue Informant is v1.5.2, released May 5th, 2013. It is free for use, but not for redistribution. Contact us at if you would like to distribute Rogue Informant.

Changes in version 1.5.2

  • Fixed a bug causing the Close menu item not to respond
  • Fixed a bug preventing recently-used files from being saved correctly
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Clear File button

Changes in version 1.5.1

  • Fixed a crash when clearing a file in Java 6
  • Fixed a crash when closing the last open tab
  • Fixed an occasional crash on startup
  • Fixed line endings in bash startup script

Changes in version 1.5

  • You can now assign labels to bookmarks
  • You can now specify the encoding to use for an open file
  • You can now middle-click a tab to close it
  • Hidden files will be shown in file chooser dialogs
  • Improved MacOS support
  • Improved performance/reduced system load
  • Fixed bug causing Informant to arbitrarily lock up
  • Informant will no longer hang at startup if there is no internet connection
  • Opening a file that is already open will now switch to the existing tab instead of opening a duplicate tab
  • Generally improved performance, stability, consistency, and accuracy throughout

Help & Support

View the Read Me.

Download the Rogue Informant User Manual (702 KB).

Visit our support forum, or email